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TRRC Club Announcements

as of 11 Nov 2015

The following rule and policy changes were made by the club's Board of Directors at the November 4th meeting:

  • Holidays which fall on weekdays will have weekday shooting hours ( 8:00AM to SUNSET).
  • The club's Range Office will be open on all holidays (except Christmas).
  • Range Safety Officers will be on duty at the club during holiday shooting hours.
  • Members and their guests must sign-in at the Range Office on weekends and holidays.
  • Members and guests using the Archery Range must sign-in at the Range Office when open.
  • Members and guests using the Airgun Range must sign-in at the Range Office when open.
  • No targets may depict an actual person, living or deceased.
  • No benchrest pistol shooting or shooting while seated at firing points 5-11 at the Pistol Range. Signs are posted at these firing points stating this rule.

About TRRC

The Tacoma Rifle & Revolver Club is Washington's oldest shooting facility. Public competitions were held on our grounds long before the Washington Territory was admitted to the Union in 1889. We are proud of our long tradition of providing a safe place for the shooting sports, a home for both world-class competitors, as well as the casual plinker.

We are situated on a 70-acre parcel of land in what has been described as a park-like setting. The shooting facilities include ranges for smallbore rifle, centerfire rifle, pistol, airgun, and archery; there are no shotgun facilities. All firing points are covered for year-round comfort and there is a full-time resident caretaker onsite. Additionally, Range Officers are on site during weekends and frequently during the week.

We are a community club. We are currently accepting new memberships by appointment only. Responsible, safety-oriented gun owners and their families are welcome to sign up to attend a new member class. See the Membership Information page for details.

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