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The Tacoma Rifle & Revolver Club is Washington's oldest shooting facility. Public competitions were held on our grounds long before the Washington Territory was admitted to the Union in 1889. We are proud of our long tradition of providing a safe place for the shooting sports, a home for both world-class competitors as well as the casual plinker.

We are situated on a 70-acre parcel of land in what has been described as a park-like setting. The shooting facilities include ranges for smallbore rifle, centerfire rifle, pistol, airgun, and archery; there are no shotgun facilities. All firing points are covered for year-round comfort and there is a full-time resident caretaker onsite. Additionally, Range Officers are on site during weekends and frequently during the week.

We are a community club. We are currently accepting new memberships by appointment only. Responsible, safety-oriented gun owners and their families are welcome to sign up to attend a new member class. See the Membership Information page for details.

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Our grounds consist of 70 acres of forest and fields tucked in University Place, WA. All firing points are covered. Facilities allow for outdoor shooting in Pistol (50 Yards), Small Bore Rifle (100 Yards) and High Power Rifle (200 Yards). Rest rooms are available for both sexes. There is ample space for parking, camping and picnicking for members and their guests.


Main Range

Main Rifle RangeThe Main Range offers target placement at 25, 50, 100 and 200 yards and has 18 firing positions. Each firing point has a stationary concrete bench and a stool for shooter use. These benches are ambidextrous, allowing use by both right and left handed shooters. A system of switches controls the cease fire warning lights and bell for range safety. Target frames are available on both ends of the firing line and fit into pre-positioned holders at the specified ranges.

Competitive shooting events held at this range include bench rest, single shot, and high power rifle. The Main Range also hosts matches at ranges up to 600 yards.


Small Bore Rifle RangeSmallbore Range

The Smallbore Range is utilized for .22 caliber rimfire rifle and air rifle use only. It accommodates 27 positions for .22 rifle or 18 positions for air rifle. Target placement can be made at 25 yard (air rifle), 50 yard, 50 meter, and 100 yard distances. Each position has a wooden ambidextrous bench for shooter use. Club provided target frames are placed in pre-positioned holders at the specified ranges.

The Smallbore Range hosts a junior shooting team during the summer months and a number of smallbore competitive shooting events, including several State Championships.

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Pistol RangePistol Range

The Pistol Range is used for pistols firing standard pistol cartridges. No rifles allowed at this range. There are 22 positions at the firing line with targets being set at 7, 15, 25, or 50 yards. The range may be used for freehand or bench rested pistol shooting.

The Pistol Range hosts an evening bullseye league in the spring, and several 2700 point bullseye matches throughout the year, including a State Championship competition.

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Archery RangeArchery Range

The Archery Range has multiple firing and targets, from 30 to 60 yards.


Airgun Field TargetAirgun Range

An airgun range is available to members who desire to shoot in relatively quiet conditions. Targets may be placed anywhere within the grassy field on the range. A field target course has been set up in the wooded area behind the range, for use during scheduled shooting events.

Airgun events are held each month throughout the warmer months of the year for airgun benchrest, silhouette, and field target matches.

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